Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fresh Abundance

Fresh Abundance is a chain of health food stores in the spokane area. They specialize in gluten free and raw foods, from what I can tell. They recently opened a store near my work and all my opinions will be based on the locale, as i have not visited the others. (Division).

There are a lot of details of this company that you can read about on their website, they appear to be a co-op, with the intention of bringing local and healthy food and products to Spokane, as well as creating jobs with livable wages. They do home delivery as well as their retail space, and have a special package for home delivery you can also read about on their website .

Upon entering the store you will first see their produce section. while not all produce is entirely local, it is all organic, and the selection is greatly varied, from apples, to leeks, to celery root, you can find almost everything here. in the summer i have even found fresh fava beans, which I was thrilled about, as they are not common here in spokane. I purchase their produce pretty regularly and always have been impressed with the quality and freshness. In the summer you will find everything fresh, including figs, huckleberries, cherries and all the joyful candy of nature...

Along the next wall is their bulk foods section where they carry everything. grains, seeds, dried fruit, spices, herbs, and hard to find things such as spirulina, bee pollen, etc. i especially like the organic dried whole bananas, they are a chewy and sweet treat that is a great replacement for candy.

They have a wide variety of rices and grains such as quinoa, another favorite, in both red and brown. There are brown rices of all kinds, including jasmine, which is highly flavorful. You can also find whole wheat pastas and if you turn the corner, many choices of organic pasta sauces and condiments.

There is a selection of tofu, tempeh, sea vegetables, and more in the refrigerator, as well as dairy products (and non dairy products). They carry raw milk, which is unpasturized and praised for its health benefits. They also have various cheeses with different benefits (dairy free, raw, etc)

They carry a freezerful of meat and fish, including elk meat. Some is local and all is killed and raised responsibly. You will also find quite a few meat substitutes (although I really wish they had more selection in this area).

In the freezer you will also find gluten free breads, waffles and other items for those who have celiac disease or are otherwise affected by wheat products. (I have recently discovered gluten free products to be rather tasty and sometimes better than traditional wheat products).

Finally there are the snacks, baking items, and home care products. they have many choices of flours, pure vanilla, honeys, and other natural baking items. As far as snacks go i LOVE the GORAW Superchips, and the Jennies Coconut Macaroons. bothe items are made with all natural ingredients, and no white sugar or flour, and taste better than anything you would buy in a big chain store.

In all, i have been highly impressed with this store, its products, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, the selection, and the social accountability. My only complaint is the steep prices, but I hope that as they grow, they will be able to come down a bit. Also, it is sometimes worth it to spend a little more for something you know will nourish you without harming you.

Store locations and hours are located on their website,

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