Sunday, March 1, 2009

today's stroll downtown....

Spokane is actually a great place to go for a walk IF you have a destination. we are definately a car culture in this city, which is unfortunate. since we finally got a car last year, there has been something missing in my life. I know what it is.

I lived until I was almost thirty with no car. I either walked or bussed anywhere I went. not easy here, as our bus system is depressing, but tahts another blog. since we got a car i drive almost everywhere. recently, i started having sundays off work, and me and my son decided to take that day to go on foot adventures. we live in the North Central neighborhood so its not difficult to decide where to go. Downtown of course. we have been doing this for three weeks now and its great. we see everything from natural eyes. not speeding by in a car. we dont need a destination.... we just go where our feet take us. we stop and chase the ducks in Riverfront park, take coffee at the 4 Seasons, window shop, maybe take lunch, and walk back home. This is an activity i suggest for anyone.

Spokane does have beautiful parks, and many of them, and while there are not a lot of foot friendly neighboorhoods there are a few. Garland, Downtown, and Brownes Addition are noteworthy. here are some pictures of what we did today.

Of note: we did pass by a new business on North Howard St. It is called Cretin Hop. Its an all ages club. they have regular shows (concerts, for those who dont know the punk scene) , coffee and wi-fi, or so the door says. they were closed today so i couldnt check them out. I would welcome a review by a reader, if anyone is interested. They are located at 1317 N Howard St.

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